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How It Works


We use AI and proprietary algorithms to curate highest ROI investment properties around the world


We convert the properties into shares that individual investors can purchase, similar to buying shares of a company


Individuals can buy shares of any properties on the platform and receive monthly income and appreciation of the property each year

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Why Us?


Invest Globally

Our proprietary algorithm curates properties across all cities that will yield highest rental income while maximizing appreciation of the asset each year.

Monthly Passive Income ✅

Yearly Capital Appreciation 😍


Invest Together

Buy properties together with your friends. Have a few friends who want to buy real estate together? We allow you to do that with a click of a button.

Invest Together! 💪
Build Wealth Together! 💰


Invest Confidently

Buy and Sell properties 60 days after purchase so your capital is not locked in for years.

Freedom of Selling Anytime 🙌

Peace of Mind 🧘

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We got answers 😄 

Who can invest?
  • Anyone over the age of 18 years.
  • AlliesLab wants everyone to invest regardless of your income level.
  • Any nationality.

How do you invest?
  • Sign Up.
  • Create friends/family group and invite them to the platform to start investing together.
  • Browse Curated properties.
  • Buy shares of properties and start your investing journey as a group.

What is investing with friends/family all about?
  • Investing with friends/family allows you to share your capital resources, knowledge and experience to invest in an asset together.
  • Consequently sharing knowledge and exprience, you can make an informed investing decision.
What is the minimum amount to invest?

Minimum is buying one share of a property. Each properties share value will be different based on their overall price.

Think of like buying shares of stocks, but instead you are buying stocks of real estate properties.

How does AlliesLab work?
  • Our algorithm and experienced team vets properties that are potentially high yielding.
  • We allow groups to purchase fractional ownership (partnership unit).
  • Once the property is fully subscribed, AlliesLab initiates the buying process.
  • AlliesLab starts renting out the asset and allows people to start receiving money. *

*Please read 'When do you start receiving money?'

How do you sell?
  • You can individually sell your shares 30 days after renting process is complete

If you wait till AlliesLab sells the asset, you will receive returns based on the selling price and your ownership.

When do you start receiving money?
  • When the property is officially purchased and AlliesLab has the keys. We look to see if any renovations are needed and complete them as quickly as possible.
  • During this time our team will start to find renters and get them to move in as quickly as possible thereafter.
  • Once the unit is rented, you will start to receive monthly rental income every 30 days.

How does AlliesLab make money?
  • We charge a $3.99/month subscription for using the platform.
  • Also, we charge one time transaction cost for every asset equating to 1% of property price that is evenly charged to all the shareholders of the asset. This is baked into the share price. 
What is the vision of AlliesLab and why are we doing this?

We strive:

  • To build confidence and remove the fear in people to purchase real estate so they can go on and buy it themselves in the future.
  • To provide an equal opportunity to invest in real estate.
  • To educate and share knowledge about real estate investing as a community. Share and grow together so we become more skillful real estate investors.


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